Hey, I’m Andrew, currently training as a Clinical Scientist (UK State Protected Title). My specialist area is clinical physiological measurement and I perform and report on a wide range of advanced physiological measurements for a wide range of clinical services such as intraoperative spinal monitoring in theatre, intracranial pressure monitoring in theatre and on wards, urodynamics and sleep medicine. I also provide non-ionising radiation support for phototherapy and medical lasers.

I work at the intersection of Computer Science, Medicine and Clinical Engineering in the Clinical Measurement Section of the Medical Physics Department at The James Cook University Hospital. Alongside this, I work to develop innovative medical technology in the NHS, through the development of physical and software medical devices. I’m always interested in working with academics or others to develop new technology, or to facilitate the adoption of technology into the NHS.


BSc (Hons) Computing & Networks
MSc (by Research) Computer Science
UCCE Advanced ECG in Practice
CPD Medical Physics


Member of the BCS
Member of IPEM
Chartered Engineer
Advanced Practitioner FED-IP

Volunteer Positions

Chair of BCS Teesside
Chair of Overfields Primary School
Member of IPEM CSC Specialist Group